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04 Aug 2016

enterprises that embrace digital transformation across business units will outperform their competitors within two years. Moreover, three-quarters say that the new wave of digital technologies is fundamentally changing the way that finance functions operate. And yet half of buyers are not satisfied with the current impact of digital technologies on their F&A processes. This highlights important challenges for CFOs as their roles change. There are three fundamental challenges to successfully implement digital transformation in the finance function. They must establish talented teams; understand, select and implement the most appropriate technologies; while also re-defining their traditional roles.” Digital technology is fundamentally changing customers’ behaviour and business models which is both a threat and an opportunity if we can we foresee the next evolution.” Digital technology is fundamentally changing customers’ behaviour and business models, which is both a threat and an opportunity if we can foresee the next evolution.” He adds that talent management is a key part of this challenge: “Every high-performance business needs to be able to attract, retain, develop and motivate high-performance individuals while also establishing a connection with the brand.” companies are wasting nearly $400 billion per year on digital initiatives that do not generate the expected return on investment. This is largely because digital technologies are adopted sporadically and at different interfaces of the business rather than holistically and end to end.

IT Outsourcing 04 Aug 2016

Information technology outsourcing (ITO) is often coined the middle ground between BPO and KPO as it is not only a routine technical process nor is it fully strategic but a blend of both in the realm of I.T. enabled services (ITES) and ICT Innovation. Essentially, it is simply the outsourcing of all or part of an I.T. function within an organization to 3rd party developers often taking a project based approach. Companies can start with low end IT job and can move up to high expert services o IT infrastructure Management o Help Desk and desk Top Management o Database server Maintenance o Application Administration

KPO - BPO News 04 Aug 2016

India has the capability to offer best quality ITES services which has ensured the growth of BPO industry in India beyond expectations. The industry has stabilized its roots in India and has made the corporate giants of the world confidently outsource to the BPO companies of India. The various kinds of BPO services provided in India are processing of insurance claims, customer care, technical support, processing o data, travelling reservations and many more. The BPO companies also works on different kinds of back office services. Numerous offshore companies, airlines, and foreign banks outsource their business functions to the BPO companies of India. According to KPMG, knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) enables companies to expand their growth by outsourcing their core business processes to providers who have highly skilled and specialized professionals at a competitive cost. The key difference between KPO and BPO is that BPO focuses on standardized and routine processed to reduce fixed costs, whereas, KPO delivers services more at a strategic than an operational level as it offers experience in overall business more than in the process. Currently, there are a few firms that are engaged in upper tier KPO services though not formalized or expanded.