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Advantage with Knowledge Info Park Limited

Access the advantage with Knowledge Info Park Limited at a fraction of a cost without limitising chances to grow.


Focus Area

  • Client & Customer’s Preferences
  • Information Technology to Achieve Key business Objectives
  • Partner with Customer to Solve Critical Business Challenges

Opportunity Preferences

Back Office Operations/ Accounting / Insurance / Database Server Management/ SAP/ Oracle ERP Remote Logging & Transaction Entry/ Master Maintenance / Internet based Research/ Pay Roll Processing/ Outsourcing

We ensure our professionals are able to resolve complex issues through unscripted dialogue to ensure optimal customer engagement. The training program includes induction, cultural training, industry-specific training, core process training, on the job training, best practices, CRM benchmarking and language proficiency testing, as well as professional certifications.

  • Knowledge Transfer model equips our professionals with skills to handle complex issues that require industry knowledge. Our focus and investments in training, our backgrounds in technology levers such as (mention and cover all aspect of our software development and support) provide thoroughly optimized, seamlessly integrated solutions to deliver outstanding customer experience.
  • In house Deployment Analysis for seamless and almost accurate forecasting
  • Channel optimization that helps our partners with Customer analytics/Customer retention management/Quality monitoring and performance reporting
  • Continuous Operational Improvement: Delivery/Feedback
  • Our Integrated technology and tools for Workforce management optimization/Speech analytics/Knowledge management/IVR optimization

Companies looking to decide outsourcing versus establishing their own captive model must carefully consider these important people considerations. You can also access/review and buy our analytic tools to determine the effectiveness of your existing customer base and churn out more effectively and add for renewals follow up as an example for Insurance sector.


KNOWLEDGE INFO PARK Gain Control Of Your Outsourcing and Own It

Company Legal form of ownership

Private Limited Company is a proven, successful business model. The business owners hold all shares of the company privately. Shareholders may operate the business themselves, or hire directors to manage the company on their behalf.

Forming a private limited company results in protection of personal assets, access to more resources, financial assistance and greater tax cuts.

When more resources or large-scale production is necessary, forming a private limited company protects the interests of lenders.

With adequate funding, our Joint Venture with your insights and association can produce goods at a lower cost, thus increasing profits and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the future of the both the business becomes more secure.

Private limited companies enjoy tax advantages in addition to limited liability. These companies pay corporation tax on their taxable profits and tend to be exempt from higher personal income tax rates.

Private limited companies enjoy permanent succession because the company is its own legal entity. Shareholders and employees act “as agents of the company,” and therefore, do not affect the company if they leave.

In the event of a death or resignation, the company’s Articles of Association allocate the shares to remaining members. Discontinuation of the company only occurs through liquidation or similar means.