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As a private limited company and in to IT & ITES, our uniqueness is to create a delivery model by involving real time process owners to cover entire customer life cycle management and offer custom internet based researches’ with a single invoice, involve in to a partnership to offer shared services to industry players seeking to improve their focus on core strategies and capital relocation to take advantage of the global technology revolution.

Back Office Operations/ Accounting / Insurance / Database Server Management/ SAP/ Oracle ERP Remote Logging & Transaction Entry/ Master Maintenance / Internet based Research/ Pay Roll Processing/ Outsourcing would be our key focus areas out of many others.

According to our research, the most common services supplied are transaction processing, CRM voice processes, and IT help desk, research and analytical support.Roughly one-third of those captives are based in India, and the average size of each is approaching 2,000 full-time equivalents (FTEs).

As our Partner, You retain full control over important touch points. In essence, using KIPPL (Knowledge Info Park Private Limited) as a captive rather than a third-party service provider minimizes the opportunity for vendors to bypass the parent company.

The upside of doing it with KIPPL is that our centre will be completely be customized to your needs and internal requirements. It will be exactly what you want and where you want it.

Knowledge Info Park Private Limited stands a clear cut opportunity to fulfil its vision for stake holders and partners by targeting appropriate solutions and delivery.