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File Monitoring & Tracking System / File Management System (FMS)

A lot of paper correspondence, email and file movements takes place at different levels in any Government Organization/ Corporation/ Authority in all State Governments and Central Government. Various registers such as Dak Register, File Movement Register are maintained manually. Manual system, requires a multiple entry of same transaction at senders and recipients end it is time taking to track the movement of file or letters from Manual Registers. A computerization of the same is a natural choice. A computerized File Movement/ Monitoring System helps in implementing the Office and Work Flow Automation.

Objective of File Movement / Tracking

  • To bring transparency and accountability in the administration.
  • To streamline office procedure and effective monitoring.
  • A step towards achieving work flow and e-office ( Less Paper Office)

The FMS Application has following Modules:

M1. Dak /Registration option ( Incoming and Outgoing Dak):
  • Registration/ Diarizing of e-Mails/ Dak and Files, on line
  • Scan Incoming Documents / Letters
  • Digitizing paper Dak by adding Tags to make search/sorting based on Tags
  • Conversion of electronic documents to a standard format
  • All E- Mail, Correspondence are filed in an folder, equivalent to a paper file
  • Linking of Mail/ Correspondence to multiple Files
M2. File Movement & Tracking
  • File Owner and Master File Creation
  • Assign Rights, who all can see or update a file
  • Owner wise File Inventory (File inventory Master)
  • Algorithm for File Naming
  • Movement of Intra-Division file, Receipts & Issues
    • On Line Recording and display of Issue and Receipts of File
    • Send alert to the recipient that he/she has got a new file to work with a date and time stamp.
    • A recipient of File can forward or return file after completion
    • Track a file , thru file number or any of the Tag attached to a file
    • File Movement MIS, can be used for efficiency assessment and Transparency
    • Query based reports on status of Mails, Documents, Files Movement and Section/Assistant performance
  • Less used file have an option of ‘Sent to Store’
M3. Document Management System: A step toward creating an e-file / e-Office
  • First Phase Creation of Electronic file out of Paper files.
  • This will make easy sharing of file and Parallel working on the same file
  • An Electronic version of file is also considered as Backup to a paper file.
  • Documents are saved in RDBMS with easy retrieval facility based on authorization
  • An electronic version of Files is a Safety measure against the disasters and unauthorized access


  • All the three Modules can be implemented as stand alone or in any combination or as a single integrated systems.
  • Application can be taken on Licensing Basis or as a service on premises or on cloud