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Scale to Build a Global Service Delivery Model

Scale to Build a Global Service Delivery Model that Rivals Outsourcing Providers’ Cost and Delivery Structure Most outsourcing providers have a global service model they have built over many years in order to offer their customers the greatest cost efficiencies while also meeting their clients’ needs for 24-hour processing and global language skills.

Their delivery centres are usually in India, China, the Philippines, Eastern Europe, Central and South America, and the United States. These centres are connected by common processes, technology and leadership. By establishing these global footprints, outsourcing providers can meet language skills and regulatory compliance by U.S.-based processes can be done from India or the Philippines or, if language skills are less important, China; again, at the lowest possible cost. Near shore processing to offer similar time-zone processing may be done from Costa Rica, Mexico or Brazil, again at a much lower cost. And finally, service providers with U.S.-based operations can handle processes that require American presence.

This global service delivery capability was built over many years, requiring a significant investment. But the key is scale. In order to justify the time, effort and capital to build a global model, companies considering a captive solution must have the sheer size to justify it. We will assist companies in establishing a global service delivery captive model to establish captives in India. Although this provides significant cost relief from U.S.-based operations, it rarely approaches the cost and quality improvements offered by a true global delivery model.