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Pricing of Products & Services

What are the pricing, fee, or leasing structures of our products or services?

Advance billing and billing at each mile stone as per the terms of agreement, Daily/ Weekly Review meetings with Client and Knowledge Info Team, Deciding Performance Metric on measurable parameters as per the Contract, Corporate Governance and Compliance follow-up

Performance management measures, Service Level Objectives and Quality plans

These are defined during migration and documented in a set of guides. The guides should incorporate current measures in order to set targets appropriate for the business. These guides are required to be finalized and approved by our Partner’s and Knowledge Info Park Private Limited prior to pilot start

Performance Management Guides consists of the following

A. Metrics Guide and Service Level Objectives (SLO)
  • Provides consistent measurements across key work units including defects per unit (DPU)
  • Describes how each measure will be collected and reported
  • Defines objective measures around quality, work production, timeliness, financials, and resources
  • Defines the targets against which our performance will be measured
B. Quality Plan
  • Provides a framework for how work will be measured and judged
C. Communication Plan
  • Defines the dates, times and individuals involved in the Steady State process management
  • Establishes the escalation path for any issues that arise during Steady State