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System Integration

Today, in every organization, IT is a complex mix of technologies, platforms and applications. This inhibits the free-flow of information across the organization, which in turn reduces an organization's competitiveness. The future holds more of the same. Innovations in technology are happening at warp speed. A number of technology options confront organizations at every turn. Asking the right questions, making the right choices and getting IT to work smoothly and productively is a difficult task.

Our two-pronged approach focuses on research and practice. Aligned with our strong processes, this enables us to collaborate effectively with your business and IT organization, to create an integrated, enterprise-wide IT platform to suit your business needs. This approach enables us to execute large-scale turnkey projects, right from conceptualization to implementation, very effectively. All of these ensure that
  • Your architecture is scalable and performs at optimal levels
  • Your infrastructure meets the desired standards for Security, Reliability & Availability
  • You are getting the most out of your existing technology infrastructure
  • You make the right technology choices
  • Your existing systems are well-integrated with new technologies
  • Gap Identification and write add-on Module or recommend BOLT on solutions.
  • Module of Auto mail generation based on workflow or
  • Built a solution around email communication , ensure that companywide all emails are answered and SLA are met, create a database and query systems out of emails communication.
Other IT Related Service
  • Database Server Management
  • ERP SAP / Oracle Master Maintenance
  • BI and Analytics
  • Enterprise Mobility Solution